It is now the end of Day 15 of California Tour. We only have about two and a half days before we are back at SeaTac Airport in Seattle. We have had so much fun over the past 2 weeks but I think we are all looking forward to going home to our families for the holidays. As for today, we had a concert this evening in Antioch. We left this morning from Lodi and traveled to the Weimar Institute where we received a tour of their facility. Following our tour of Weimar, we drove 2 hours to Antioch. Once we arrived at Antioch SDA Church, we all had a couple hours of free time in which we could rest, take showers, go for walk, etc… We then prepared for our concert which was at 7 pm. Tomorrow, we are heading to Granite Bay SDA Church for their church service and then Sacramento Central SDA Church for a full concert at 4 pm.