Our destination for today was Templeton Hills SDA Church. After a typical morning consisting of wakeup, breakfast, and worship, we left around 9:00 am from Fallbrook to drive north. For lunch, we stopped at the beach in Ventura for an hour and then it was back to the road after that. Unfortunately, bad traffic through LA slowed us down quite a bit, so we pulled into Templeton just barely in time for sound check at 4:15. The stage crew was very late as well, so we all chipped in and set up the stage. From there, the agenda of a typical concert evening followed— soundcheck, supper, concert, takedown, and bedtime. What’s a little different than usual is that tonight we are being billeted out to the houses of church members. I think all of us are looking forward to a good sleep tonight in a more comfortable environment. It will be quite the contrast after sleeping on the floor for the past 11 days.