“Fountain of Youth Spa & RV Park” read the sign as we drove into the driveway of a quaint community of “snowbirds” in Southern California. As we stepped from the bus, a beautiful view of the Salton Sea unfolded in front of us and the rays of the desert sun provided heat and warmth that many of us weren’t accustomed to at Christmas time (those of us from the northern hemisphere, at least). When concert time came around, the friendly faces of many folks—most of them of the retired generation—were an amazing crowd to sing and play for. Not only were they genuinely friendly but they were very generous and provided a delicious lunch. The energy and youthful energy and hospitality displayed by the community left us feeling that maybe there truly is a “Fountain of Youth”. However, this water does not come from any earthly spring but I believe that it is of the living fountain of Christ.

From the RV park, we traveled to the edges of the Salton Sea in search of a beach. We found one, and were immediately greeted by the sight and smell of thousands of dead fish drying on the shoreline. Further discovery not only found that the water was well above the salinity of the ocean, but the water quality was quite bad as well. Some attempted a swim in the large lake, which is also one of the lowest points in California, but the majority of the crowd found it quite difficult to walk out far enough on the sharp, barnacle bottom to get to deep enough water

We arrived in Fallbrook, California this past evening just in time for supper and then a quick sound check before the concert. The concert was very well attended and the church was extremely gracious and hospitable. Well, that’s the story for today—stay tuned for more blogs throughout the tour!