One learns to appreciate the simple amenities of life much more fully on a 18 day music tour. For example, sufficient sleep and access to showers are two amenities that we are not necessarily granted daily on California Tour. However, we were extremely grateful this wonderful Sabbath day to not only have a little extra time to rest but also the opportunity to take showers, eat delectable food, as well as fellowship with the hospitable people of Loma Linda and Palm Desert.

Warm, beautiful weather greeted us as we stepped outside of the Drayson Center this morning. A strong breeze gave us a renewed appreciation for fresh air. We had a wonderful breakfast provided by the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda and then we quickly rushed into the church for sound check, tuning, and warm-ups. After the church service and potluck, we journeyed east to Palm Desert, which is where we are currently. We had a concert here at 7 pm. and are now just about to head to bed for the night. It was such a blessing to celebrate the Sabbath and the Christmas season on this warm, sunny California day. We would appreciate your prayers for our health as we are coming to the point of tour when each one of us is especially susceptible to getting sick.