“Honey, you just ran a blue run!”

Shocked, I glanced back up the hill at the seemingly treacherous decline that I had just conquered. I blinked a couple of times.


Abby, my best friend who is very good at “persuading” me to do things that I don’t feel like doing, had agreed to go up the chairlift with me to do a green run (since I’m a beginner skier, though I’m Canadian). Since she’s an advanced snowboarder, she didn’t really feel like doing something too easy. Yet, she humoured me and did it. It humoured me even more at the bottom of the hill when she told me that she had led me down the blue run trail on purpose. 

Nevertheless, I laughed it off, gave myself a pat on the back for not dying, and proceeded to enter the lodge so I could warm my frozen toes by the fire. 

So ended a gorgeous day on the slopes. The wonderful Fountainview staff had been able to rent the entire ski mountain just for us students to play on for the day, and the valleys echoed with our laughter and shouts of sheer delight. We had enjoyed many a slip, slide, chairlift ride, and the occasional tumble. After we returned our helmets and boots to the rental centre, we all stumbled onto the bus and chatted about our day for awhile. Then grabbing our pillows we all fell asleep to the steady hum of the bus engine.

Emily T.

Grade 11

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