Majestically towering above campus, Mt. Askom is a landmark familiar to every Fountainview student and staff. One month ago today, a group of around 40 students and staff were given the opportunity to hike to the summit of that famed mountain.


September 27, 2015

5:45 AM- Breakfast is served in the cafeteria. 40 tired yet eager faces anticipate the adventure ahead.

6:15 AM- We load up into our new yellow school bus and the F150 for the 2.5 hour drive around to the other side of the river.

8:45 AM- We arrive at the trailhead. Clear skies and a light wind greet us as we stretch our legs and donn our packs. Within a few minutes, we begin trudging up the trail through the dewey foliage. The damp, muddy ground soon becomes crusty and frozen as we journey up into higher altitudes. Soon the dense forest dissipates and we emerge onto a vast scree slope.

10:30 AM- The first group reaches the summit to witness a helicopter arriving, dropping off the first load of a large group of mountain bikers. After a few trips up and down the mountain with the helicopter, 15-20 bikers from around BC were geared up and ready for an adventurous descent down the rough mountainside trail. The view from the summit is phenomenal. On the east side of the mountain the school is clearly seen far down in the valley. To the west stretches out a wide expanse of mountains as far as the eye could see.

1:00 PM- We begin our descent down the mountain. The weather is cloudy but still bright. Going down is much faster than the uphill journey.

2:50 PM- Everyone is down the mountain–ready to head home. We are tired yet invigorated by the experience. Praise God for His wondrous creation and for healthy bodies to experience it.

I sing the mighty pow’r of God, that made the mountains rise,
That spread the flowing seas abroad, and built the lofty skies.
I sing the wisdom that ordained the sun to rule the day;
The moon shines full at His command, and all the stars obey.

–Isaac Waats

Eric W.
Grade 12