The time has come to look back on all of our memories from our time as students here at Fountainview. Sometimes these memories toll on a bittersweet note while others glide high as we recall the events of the past that have molded us in a positive way. For those of us graduating, it’s definitely hard to grasp the fact that this is our last week of high school. No longer will we be in class and work each day with the same special people. Many of these faces we will not see for a long time – possibly never again. As we part ways, we each pray that the other will walk the path of life in step with the Christian values and standards that have been instilled in us throughout our experience here. Most of all, we each hope and pray that God will give us direction in our thoughts as we proceed throughout life to conquer life’s tough questions. As for each returning student, God has amazing plans for them and for this incredible school. It is up to those returning to mold and shape this place into what God wants it to be. Despite what many may think, it is not the staff who make Fountainview what it is. It is solely up to the students to create the uplifting, Christ-centered, life-changing atmosphere that it is known for. As we seniors leave, each of us ponders our legacy. Have we made a difference in the lives of others? What have we left behind for others to carry on? Have we been people that we, ourselves, would be proud to know? These questions must come to mind again as we start our new chapters in life so that we are focused on the one thing that matters: our personal relationships with Christ.

Christian W.
Grade 12

Below is a video put together for our annual gathering called “Memories Night.” It’s a time when we can enjoy spending time with friends to recall our memories from the year.