During our time here at Fountainview we’ve had many opportunities to travel throughout Canada and the US with the gospel message through music. This has been great, but what’s really exciting is when we get to connect with our neighbors just up the road in the small town of Lillooet.

A couple Sundays ago, a small group of us went to town with Ceri (Fountainview’s Health Coach) and Vanessa (alumni and a mom who’s passionate about cooking healthfully) to help with their evening cooking school at the Better Living Center in Lillooet. The theme was “Breakfasts” and it’s for certain that such an amazing breakfast has never come out of such a tiny kitchen before. Every inch of that kitchen was filled with food preparations! There was scrambled tofu on the stove, batter in the waffle irons, shredded potatoes waiting to become “potato waffles”, parfaits ready to go for sampling, and Ceri’s amazing green smoothies. As Ceri and Vanessa showed how to make great vegan breakfasts and explained about healthful living to participants, we prepared samples and passed them out. Afterward, we joined the guests in eating “breakfast for supper” and spent some time getting to know them. There were some people we’d never seen before and others we recognized from local concerts.

These little classes give a picture to the local community of what healthful living can look like in a practical way. The purpose of the classes is to encourage people to try implementing new healthy recipes on their own. Myths that healthy food tastes like cardboard, and is hard to prepare, are being dispelled. More than that, we hope to build better friendships with our neighbors and show we care for their needs.

-Brianna W. and Kathryn B.,

Grades 12


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