The pre-concert excitement and emotion zipped around in the air as we loaded the busses for Lillooet. I took my seat as the bus began to roll away from the school building at Founainview Academy. It had been a busy day, and I was glad for a few moments to sit down as we went to the concert. As the bus plowed through the ice cold darkness, I thought of the people we would be playing for that night. I thought about the meaning of Christmas and why this was such a great and important thing to share, and I thought about the impact this concert could have on people’s lives.

As we unpacked, tuned, and began to warm up, people came. Before the concert started, all of us took time to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead. We dedicated the concert for God to use for His glory. The concert began, and I could see the audience wasn’t just listening to the music, but thinking about its meaning. Each song spelled a specific message about the Christmas story and what it means for us. During the song “Stable Prayer”, the lights were turned off, and the singing group walked up from the back of the building to the stage using candlelight. As the candles dimly lit the building, I thought about what Jesus spoke in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” God calls us to be His lights on this earth. This was exactly the purpose of this concert – to let the light of the Christmas story shine.

After the concert, I could see that our light did not cast its radiant beams in vain. People were blessed, moved, and drawn closer to God. I was personally drawn to God and felt a more urgent need to let my light shine everywhere that I go.  

Nathan H.
Grade 11