In his book, “The Ideavirus” Seth Godin makes the following statement about marketing, “We live in a world where consumers actively resist marketing. So it is imperative to stop marketing at people. The idea is to create an environment where consumers will market to each other.” Pg 14

This principle is not new and we see it playing out long before Seth Godin came on the scene.  In the Gospel of John, we read about a woman from Samaria who had an encounter with Jesus at Jacob’s well.  This woman was suffering from a lack of peace in her heart.  She had lived a life of restlessness and shame. So much so that she came to the well at a time of day when she expected to be alone and not have to face the scrutiny of others.

But when she met Jesus and He offered her a glimpse of His love, forgiveness and peace, she knew she had found the wellspring of life.  If she drank water that he was offering her she would never thirst again.

In verse 28-30 we read that she went back into her town and shared her experience with many people and brought them to meet, “the Christ”.

This woman could have put up posters and banners, created a stellar marketing campaign with all kinds of gimmicks and incentives, but this would not have been in the least as effective as her personal testimony from one person to another. She shared more than an idea.  She shared the secret to peace and true happiness – Jesus.

At Fountainview Academy it is our sincere desire to spread the Gospel on three levels.  The first is to impart to our students a love for God, through an understanding of who Jesus is and the peace that comes from knowing Him as a personal savior and friend.  How can we do this? It is through our personal relationships with God, as staff, sharing how God is working in our own lives with our students.

Secondly, our goal of spreading the Gospel expands to friends, family and coworkers, through our music and productions.  Our students have an opportunity to share what they have learned and how God has worked in a personal way in their lives. Each production is designed to be an effective and easy way to share the truths of the Bible.  Young people sharing wholesome uplifting music, and stories about how God has worked in their lives in a personal way, has led many viewers to a new and clearer understanding of God’s love.

Our third goal is for friends and family to take our productions, especially the Sharing Editions, and use them as tools to share the Gospel with anyone and everyone they meet. In essence, taking the gospel viral through people like you sharing these DVD productions with others.

This summer we embark on our Reformation History filming tour in Europe and invite your prayers and continued support for this exciting project.  Our farming and greenhouse program continues to expand as we experiment with a variety of veganic produce that will potentially expand our market beyond carrots and supply much of the fresh produce needed for our cafeteria on a daily basis.  Our media program continues to move ahead with our “God So Loved the World” series.  The Spring episode is almost done and the filming of the Summer Episode was completed last month.  Our music program is gearing up for another exciting fall and winter season.

As we close another school year we thank God for the direction He has given us in all areas of life here at Fountainview Academy. We continue to develop and grow in our understanding of who God is and what His desire is, for educating young minds.  We are excited about where God is leading us in 2013-2014 and we invite you to continue on the journey with us through your prayers and support of our ministry.  Let’s create that viral environment together and work together sharing the Gospel around the world.

Michael Dunbar
General Vice President