I was filled with apprehension. What if no one comes? What if no one takes our flyers? Stop, Dawn! You got this! I was determined to make this a legendary experience.  After Kristi gave me my half of the flyers and Bailley joined our group, the three of us headed for the waterfront of Kelowna, BC to invite people to the concert we would be performing that evening. With a smile on my face and flyers in my hand, I was ready. One by one, the flyers started to vanish. Even though I was making what seemed to be great progress with my flyer distribution, we were encountering more and more people that had already been given the advertisements. We decided that it was about time for a group huddle. After a prayer was said, we came to the consensus that we should take the next road on our right. As we rounded the corner, a seemingly homeless couple that was sitting on the bench with two humongous dogs grabbed my attention. After inviting them to the concert, I left Bailley to talk with them, and went off to finish passing out my flyers. When I had finally reached my target and headed back to Bailley, I again introduced myself to them and learned their names. Bailley was immersed in an important conversation with the guy. The lady, on the other hand, was not strongly engaged in the conversation.  Turning her head to Kristi and me she asked us a question full of pain and longing: “Does God love me? I have made so many bad decisions, and I haven’t been to the priest to be forgiven.” Apprehension again gripped me as I told about the price Jesus had paid just for her. He paid this price so she could have a personal relationship with Him. After assuring her that she need not go to a priest to ask for forgiveness, I could see years of unnecessary guilt cease to weigh on her heart. Tears streamed down a face that had shed them all too many times with no hope to hold onto. But now they were tears of joy, hope of a newfound truth, and a reason to live. Peace and joy penetrated through her countenance. We prayed with them one last time as the bus neared the corner.

God took this simple flyer delivery and transformed it into the legendary experience I was looking for—mission accomplished.

Dawn F.
Grade 11

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