The refreshing spring air hit my face as I exited the stuffy bus with the rest of my class. We had arrived in Kelowna for our spring tour. After a scrumptious lunch provided by the Scuka family, we headed over to the Okanagan Christian School, where we would be playing for the It Is Written evangelistic meetings each night, doing a health expo, and also where we were sleeping for the duration of our stay. After we set up and practiced for our health expo, we hurried to change into our concert uniforms as the juniors and sophomores arrived just in time for soundcheck. Later, after a quick supper, we performed several songs as special musics for the first in a series of meetings titled “Discoveries in Revelation”. Once the meeting concluded, we gathered to sing “I Want To Go To Heaven” and then began the process of preparing for bed. On Sabbath, we attended a local church and in the afternoon went door-to-door inviting nearby residents to the health expo and the meetings. The health expo, put on by the seniors on Sunday, was a success, as we were able to provide a bit of free health screening for the community, checking people’s BMI, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and other simple health checks.

The following Sabbath, we once again attended a local church and in the afternoon split into two groups. One went for a hike nearby while the other group conducted surveys door-to-door to find possible interests for Bible studies. Afterward, we performed a short concert before the evening meeting. Just before the concert began, we were all gathered into the kitchen and instructed to close our eyes. “You can open them now!” Before us, on the counter, was a beautiful cake, shaped and decorated like a cello. A member of the school had made it for us as a token of appreciation for our music. We sang “Count Your Blessings” for her and quickly returned to the stage and began our concert.

Sunday morning we loaded the buses and departed for our home base—Fountainview. As we journeyed towards home, I watched the beautiful mountains flash by the windows as I reflected back on the last few weekends and our final tour of the year.

~Madison Mehl, Grade 12