Weeks earlier, excited murmurings filled the school hallways. “Junior-Senior Campout is almost here!” At last the day was upon us; the juniors and seniors boarded our buses, trusty Jack and Jill, while the sophomores headed off to their own adventure-filled weekend. Fond memories of past Seton experiences floated through my mind, and I couldn’t wait for more memories to be made.

Upon arrival, we formed a human chain, transporting our strategically packed camping gear to several waiting boats. Bonding for me began on the long barge ride to our campsite. Conversations seemed to soar to a whole new level as passengers on the voyage exchanged stories. However, the main events of the weekend were yet to come.

Intrepid students were already gliding across the lake when I arrived at the pebble beach. Cold was not an accurate way to describe the water—it was frigid, gelid, and all other words you could come up with to describe bitterly cold water. Only the most heroic and adventuresome would enter the lake this campout. Among the water sports were many other enjoyable activities including leaping onto the swing that flew over the lake, playing volleyball, singing campfire songs, and having lengthy conversations. Hungry from all of our adventures, we were grateful for the delectable food prepared for us. Sadly, forecast predicted rain but we were praying that God would send sunshine. Thankfully, even though it was cloudy for a substantial part of the weekend, it never rained very hard, and when it did sprinkle, it seldom lasted long.

It was bittersweet to leave the beach that weekend—bitter because for some this would be their last campout at Seton, and sweet because we would soon be warm and showered. I was right about leaving with more memories than what we came with—the thoughtfully prepared worships, activities, and time spent together bonded not only the seniors and juniors together, but it prepared us juniors to fill their shoes this coming year. Departing from the beach that weekend, I felt a little closer to God, knowing that He does care and answer prayers.

Nicole D.
Grade 11