This past Sunday, we hosted our annual International Supper. We invited the local community for the event. Approximately 300 guests came and enjoyed the awesome food and music with us.

“International Supper gives the students an opportunity to form small groups and make foods that represent a number of different countries. They decorate booths creatively and serve the food to the visitors. International supper is also a great event for reaching out to our community. After dinner, we shared some cultural presentations and songs of praise. The program ranged from one person singing the national anthem of their country to music by the Fountainview orchestra and singers.

This year, we have students and staff from Canada, United States, South Korea, Japan, China, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, Colombia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Tanzania, and Thailand. At least 11 different languages are spoken by the students and staff. We value the multi-cultural environment here and thoroughly enjoy the company of many from around the world.”

Esra E.
Grade 12

Below, we have two videos. The first one includes a walk-through of the booths and several interviews of different students. The second video includes the music program.

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