The hustle and bustle of students coming and going from the school building announced clearly that International Supper was well under way. Saturday night had gone by quickly, with people preparing food and starting work on their booths. Now, after a good night’s rest and a hearty breakfast we were off again.

The roar of power tools could be heard from the shop as different groups put their booths together. And the bubbling of the pots and clunk of knives chopping fresh, crispy fruits and veggies could be heard under the lively conversation emanating from all of those who were working in the cafe.

At noon we took a short break for lunch and then started setting up our booths. After a few hours of decorating and rearranging, it was hard to remember that we were still in Canada! Food started streaming out of the café, signaling that it was almost time to begin serving food.

At 5:30 sharp people from the community started arriving. Food was soon served and the smiles and fascinated faces of the people moving through line told us that we had a good job of decorating.

After everyone had finished eating, we had a wonderful program, led by our Chief flight attendant and Captain, of Fraser Airways. Taking us on a wonderful tour of the world, and having different groups performed traditional music.

Lying in bed that night, we all drifted off to sleep with smiles on our faces; not just because of the fun that we’d had throughout the day. But because we were able to be witnesses to the people of the community.

-Papito Grade 10