Turbans and hijabs, wooden shoes and sombreros: these are not the normal apparel for students here at Fountainview. But if you are wondering why my friends were dressed in such foreign clothing, there is a logical reason: International supper.

As part of the Arabian group I excitedly approached the door of a staff home on Saturday night knowing that many exciting things would happen in the next twenty-four hours.  Ahead lay a lot of work and possible headaches, but there was also a tremendous amount of fun.  As the evening unfolded we enjoyed the taste and smell of falafel balls, as well as the sweet fellowship of friends.  I must admit that our food production was significantly decreased by the amount of “taste-testing” or “quality control” we performed.  It seemed that every member in our group had to sample the falafels and hummus before they considered it suitable.  All too soon the evening came to a close and we retired to our dorms.

As the bright sun and brisk morning air greeted us, we resumed our work.  My friend Christian and I worked on constructing a classic Arabian tent, but we were definitely not alone.  All around us staff and students worked tirelessly to erect rugged cabins, Dutch bakeries, and impressive Spanish windmills.  As the afternoon wore on, the cafeteria dining room filled with a cacophony of smells from Germany to Japan and even Canada.  Finally, we were all dressed, sporting our costumes from all around the world, and ready for the people to arrive.  It was very satisfying to see so many people from our local community enjoying the fruit of our labours.

As people savoured the taste of dinner, they enjoyed several national anthems and songs from around the world.  One of the highlights of the evening was Topher’s Swiss yodeling song.  It was certainly a unique piece.  At the end of the evening all of us students shared the simple message of the gospel in song.  International Supper has always been a memorable time in my years here as a student because it is a time when we can come together as students and staff to share the message and love of Christ with our community.

– Paul Glatts

Grade 12














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