We scrambled out of the buses as quickly as we possibly could, and sprinted toward the building which contained the prize we had been anticipating the entire past week: the ice rink. Voices rang out all about me, filled with anticipation and glee. Eagerly, we waited in line to receive our skates. The room was buzzing with excitement: jam-packed full of teenagers, adults, and children alike, all tugging on their skates, with many yanking them back off to try and find a better fit.

       Squeak, squeak went the blades against the rubber as we all pressed forward to enter the rink. Soon all about a hundred of us were skating about in a crazed, yet organized pandemonium. Scrape, scrape went the children and even a few teenagers who were on ice for the first time in their lives. Zoom, zoom went the experts who were winding and maniacally maneuvering between poor souls who began to fear for their very lives. Crash! went the insanely brave (really foolish) few who collided into each other at a high speed and thudded to a sudden stop.

         Around, around, and around we all flew in the exact same, yet constantly thrilling circle of joy. Some yanked off hats, or tuques, of unsuspecting victims, while other gracious friends seized them back and returned them to their friends who had been “robbed.” Those who began skating for the first time ever were by now getting the hang of it, and with the help of a steady hand, began to fly along with the rest.

         Everyone was enjoying themselves, people had begun to be at least a little sore, several had become exhausted, while many others wished the night would never end. All too soon, the hour and a half which had once seemed such an ample amount of time was altogether far too short. It had been fun, and the promise of a return trip in just two weeks seemed too good to be true. One thing for sure—we all slept well that night.

Grace Wahlen

Grade 11


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