Golden sunlight was just peaking over the mountains as I grabbed my Bible and prepared to have morning devotions. Thoughts flew like scattered birds through my mind as I remembered the activity of the previous night. Just hours before, I had been busily engaged in preparing food for the next day’s event. Today was the day—International Supper. The next ten hours stretched ahead, filled with food preparation, booth making, excitement, and fun. Happily, I opened my Bible and began to read.

Bang! The pages before me plunged into darkness. Beeep…Beeeep! Emergency lights in the hallway blinked on. No! The power just went out! My brain raced as I contemplated what this would mean. How on earth are we going to prepare food for 400 people without any power? Forgetting my reading, I spent the remaining time till breakfast in prayer.

Half an hour later, the café was filled with excited and frantic students. Each group listened to Mr. James and the Student Life team explain the situation. “BC Hydro has just informed us that the power isn’t expected to come on until 12:00 pm. But we believe God wants this event to happen. We are going to move forward trusting Him. Remember, ‘Adventure is made in the recollecting mind’…” Soon a check list appeared and conversations erupted all over the café as groups were informed which staff houses had wood stoves, how they could procure makeshift ovens, and who would be allowed to use the few propane stoves. What followed was one of the most amazing miracles in Fountainview history.

Wood stoves, propane heaters, and even small camping stoves were pressed into service. Fire pits were erected with huge wooden cranes suspending pots of food over the flames. Makeshift ovens were invented for baking purposes. Parents, teachers, and staff rushed around in cars ensuring that each group was provided for. Water was also a precious commodity as we would soon run out without power. Yet through all the challenges, the entire campus remained positive. Jokes bounced through the staff radios and happy chatter pervaded each cooking station. Even though the power remained off through the late afternoon, God richly blessed. That evening, at five o’clock sharp, the doors of the café opened and hundreds of the community poured through the colorful “streets” flanked with booths filled with delicious food. Full stomachs and cultural songs followed. To end the program, the choir sang “Power of the Cross”. That night many prayers of thanksgiving ascended to God, praising Him for our true Source of Power.

Jenna C.
Grade 12