Plant Growing

There are many components that make up a quality educational experience.  We all know that good academics, a spiritual experience, and exercise for the body are essential to a well rounded training.  But the practical, manual part of a young person’s development is often considered to be optional or just for those who are “more hand on.”  At Fountainview Academy we believe that this part of our program is one of those essential elements that makes for a successful future for our students.

That is why we are taking active steps to bring our school into harmony with the following statement:

“No line of manual training is of more value than agriculture. A greater effort should be made to create and to encourage an interest in agricultural pursuits. Let the teacher call attention to what the Bible says about agriculture; that it was God’s plan for man to till the earth; that the first man, the ruler of the whole world, was given a garden to cultivate; and that many of the world’s greatest men, its real nobility, have been tillers of the soil. Show the opportunities in such a life. . .”  (Child Guidance, pg. 356.2).

Our new greenhouses should be operational in just a few months, and our plans to grow a variety of products in our fields this year is right on track.  Within the next few years we hope to be in greater harmony with the above statement and be more self-sufficient in our ability to provide for our food needs.  A big thanks to those who have supported us in this undertaking.

Scott Richards