With “Rasmussen Music Training” under our belts and backpacks over our shoulders, Fountainview Academy was Oregon bound. Traveling to Grants Pass, the roads beneath our buses gradually transformed from BC’s winding mountain trails to the flat, linear highways of the USA. It was only September 28, and we’d already begun our first tour of the school year. But even this kickoff tour held a mission that would stretch far beyond the clefs of music…

I was sick of being afraid. Too much time had been wasted, too many chances missed, too many opportunities to make a difference squandered. Today would be different. “Lord, I believe” (Mark 9:24 KJV). As my partner and I stepped off the bus to begin outreach, I breathed a prayer, we asked for God’s blessing, and with a skip in our step and smiles on our faces, we knocked on the doors of houses while God knocked on the doors of the heart. Everything occurred as usual: knock-knock, invitation speech, flier handout, accepted/rejected, and… repeat. The designated hour slipped away, and the time came to head back to meet the bus. But somehow, I was sure our job wasn’t finished. We can squeeze in one more house. Silver linings in her dark hair, the woman who opened that final door didn’t have much time. Even so, as we spoke with her, she listened intently. Taking the seminar brochure in her hands, she mentioned that once upon a time, many years prior, she had attended an SDA church. We explained the gist of the program, and with life in her eyes, she said she would come. Leaving that house, my partner and I were euphoric. It was simple, it happened quickly; my words were far from elegant, but God had made me willing. This was the appointment I had prayed for. And guess what else? We weren’t even late for the bus.

God keeps His appointments. On our last night in Grants Pass (the opening night of the Revelation seminar), I scanned the audience from my seat in the orchestra. As we played for the final appeal, I noticed a woman with dark, very familiar, silver-lined hair. The last note was executed, prayer was offered, and the crowd began to disperse. I made a bee-line for the lobby, and sure enough, it was her. I
reintroduced myself, and as we spoke, I learned about everything from her background and history to her family and her faith. I prayed with her, and as she left, the words she voiced drew my smile: “I’m really glad you knocked on my door.”

Somebody once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” For real, it’s when we step out in faith that God can make us strong. Whether singing and visiting with weary souls in a nursing home, touching lives (literally) through a hands-on Health Expo (“hydro-therapeutic” foot washing, pricking fingers, taking pulses, or giving those oh-so-sought-after massages), praying with strangers, or simply with one another, God was teaching us that a life lived is a life lived to bless others.

Karissa Heinrich
Grade 12