It’s been an awesome school year and the seniors are looking forward to graduation. The juniors and sophomores all look forward to a fun summer (or winter, if you’re from the southern hemisphere) followed by another grueling year of high school.

This year, friendships were kindled, memories were made, and many found a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Creator. It’s a bitter-sweet task to say goodbye to these friends who have been there through the good times and hard times and made a profound difference in who we are. Despite this difficulty, it’s time to start another chapter in life. We have the choice to embrace this challenge and brave the change or to remain burdened by a past that God has asked us to leave behind so that we may better serve Him.

In regards to graduation and convention weekend… The media crew has been working hard to be able to provide a live stream of the weekend events and ceremonies. The live video stream and broadcast schedule can be found at