“One, two, three, raise your instruments slowly. Smile! ;) ” Mr. Cleveland instructed. Thus we began to “play” Does Jesus Care. From the observers’ prospective we were a lovely orchestra and choir filming in the beauty of God’s nature, preaching a message of hope and love – and we were! But from behind the scenes there was also another story of adventure and…well….


Behind the scenes we were the most squeaking, squawking orchestra on the planet, playing in the bitter cold but having the time of our lives. Let me start by introducing a couple of our instruments: First we have the violins, whose poor strings could only produce the sharpest A and whose core was of high quality disaster. Then we have the piano, whose music was peaceful to the ear – so peaceful in fact that the ear couldn’t actually hear it! The brass section…well, I’ll just continue on to the woodwinds who enjoyed coming apart, and not coming apart. Perhaps that explained why my stand partner and I enjoyed a game of tug of war in an attempt to pull my flute apart. Yes, these are what we call FILMING instruments, and I must say we do have a blast with them!


Those days were definitely filled with memories such as sprawling across the ice, or perhaps tripping over your skirt, watching the highly animated Smiths in their attempt to get us to smile, and Mr. Alistair’s excellent “fainting” spells that produced ruptures of laughter despite ourselves. We loved finding ourselves in the middle of a snow ball fight, and of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking a glass of Mr. James’ warm tasty concoctions in attempt to thaw out our frozen limbs.


Though it was freezing cold it was hard to wipe the smiles off our faces. In fact, I think the cold had an opposite effect: it froze the smiles on our faces, and though the wind bit ferociously we couldn’t help but have a ton of fun. So, until next time….


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