Bonding weekend – A time to bond, a time to interact and form a closer bond with not only one another but with God.

Bounding up the front steps of the girl’s dorm on Friday afternoon I was greeted with laughter and excited chatter. I joined the many girls in the lobby and listened to Mrs. Theron’s introduction to bonding weekend. The theme – The Practice of Risk Taking. We quickly got into groups for our first activity, a scavenger hunt. We roamed about the campus taking various pictures and videos of different and sometimes “risky” tasks. After the afternoon’s activities were done we prepared for Sabbath and headed down to the cafeteria for supper. We found the chapel beautifully decorated with lights and mattresses, a perfect place to sleep that night.

Sabbath morning came bright and early as we filed into the cafeteria to eat a scrumptious breakfast. As we listened to Mrs. Rasmussen speak about nurses, their willingness to serve others and take risks for God, we learned that taking risks to bless others and glorify God is worthwhile.  After, we were encouraged to spend some solo time with God. Some chose to go outside and talk to God in nature while others, like me, stayed out of the elements and found a cozy spot indoors. After lunch we headed outside to hike and relax in nature. After supper and worship we were told that another fun activity awaited us: a game of sardines – in the dark. Needless to say, it was an exciting, exhilarating activity, that made the school building echo with screams and laughter. After the game was over we piled back onto our mattresses and wished each other a good night’s sleep.

Corn dogs and hash browns awaited us Sunday morning. Later, after yet another activity and some cleaning up of the chapel, the deans informed us that there was one last activity. We were quickly divided up into groups and sent around a portion of campus for an obstacle course. A maze and more obstacles challenged us to work together. After a lovely lunch with amazing desserts we couldn’t help but think of the memories we would cherish from this bonding weekend. Not only had we grown closer as friends, but we learned how to take risks for God and grow closer to Him.

~ Joanna D., Grade 10