Crisp days for bonding activities to bring each girl closer to one another. Yes there were plenty of twister games, mix and matching shoes, and fitting everyone into an imaginary dirt square, but the real result wasn’t about guessing who had who’s shoes, or how many people were stuffed into a dirt square. It was about laughing together and enjoying each other’s company. We had a blast that cold weekend laughing and crying together, going on hikes in the rain, and making delicious food. The twins were in charge of the kitchen and made the best camping food we had ever experienced. Eating hot pasta, garlic dinner rolls, and Caesar salad was like something you would order at Olive Garden, but instead we were camping with this amazing food and company. We camped in tents by a crisp cold rushing stream, all enjoying the splendor of the outdoors. Everyone spent time together enjoying creating memories, and most importantly learning more about God through each other and His creative works through creation.

-Sienna M. Grade 10