About a month ago, on a Saturday evening, we had Winter Games Night. Now when you hear the phrase “winter games night,” visualizations of snowballs fights, snowmen, ice skating, or maybe even a group inside around a crackling fire sipping hesitantly on cups of hot chocolate might emerge in your mind. However, due to the circumstances surrounding the evening, with no snow and unusually high temperatures, it was not to be. On the contrary, the evening was an extremely unusual combination of rock paper scissors, juggling, third-world country relief efforts, zoning committees, social interaction, and more, which made for an interesting, and yet extremely fun night with friends. We were split up into three large groups that rotated around three different stations. One station focused on intellectual activities, involving games and puzzles such as arranging your entire group in a line by age without the aids of speech and sight. The other two stations had games and activities focused more on physical activity and social interaction. All throughout, it was a really enjoyable evening that brought us closer together as classmates and friends.

Eric W.

Grade 10


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