Fountainview Academy: A School for You

“So do you want to go to Fountainview Academy?” my mom asked. My older brother already attended there, but the kids at my local church school, though they didn’t really know anything about Fountainview, thought it was weird. I had mixed feelings. Going away to academy sounded exciting. I didn’t really have any close friends at home, mostly because the girls my age were into boyfriends, skimpy clothes, movies, and I didn’t do those things. But I was also shy, unsure, and scared. I wanted to go to Fountainview, but what if I didn’t make friends, what if I didn’t fit in, what if I was homesick, what if the school work was too hard; so many ifs. I applied anyways.

I remember the spring day clearly, my mom had just picked me up from school and we were driving home. “Fountainview called today,” she announced. “Really?” I anxiously asked, “What did they say!?” “You weren’t accepted,” she stated sadly. My face fell, and inside my heart sank. “Just kidding!” my mom laughed, “Happy April Fool’s day!” Yes, it was April 1st after all, but my mom’s prank made me realize that I really did want to go to Fountainview.

Several months later found us pulling onto the dusty entrance road at the Fountainview Academy campus. I was at boarding school! My heart did little flips of excitement and nervousness. My new dean welcomed us and showed us to my dorm room. As we unloaded my things, a short, friendly-looking girl hurried over, “Hi, I’m Hannah!” she grinned. And she proceeded to even help me move into my room. Soon the other girls who’d already arrived came to greet me with smiles. Maybe I wasn’t super cool, neither were my clothes, maybe I was a little shy and socially awkward, maybe I looked like I was 12, maybe my bedspread was florescent pink and green Hawaiian flowers; but the girls didn’t judge me, they welcomed me with open arms and acceptance.

And what did I find at Fountainview Academy? I found a campus located in the Canadian wilderness, far from city pollution and influences. I found teachers who challenged me to do better, who cared enough to work me through my brain freezes. I found deans who mentored me and laughed with me. I found vocational training supervisors who pushed me to always do my best, to work quickly, to stick with it, to pay attention to detail. I found that I loved singing my heart out to God in the choir. I found nature hikes and campouts, watersports and canoeing, snowboarding and ice-skating, picnics and dorm fun. I found friends for life. And most importantly, I found God. Through the spiritual counsel of the staff, the Bible-filled Sabbath sermons, the inspiring weeks of prayer, and the heart-touching Friday evening vespers, God drew me to Him.

Looking back from the ripe old age of 25, I can honestly say that Fountainview Academy changed my life. It shaped who I am today. Sure, I had a few rough up-and-down years after high-school, but the positive principles and true character development I gained at Fountainview Academy have stuck with me for life.  Proverbs 22:6 explains that if you “train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it.” Fountainview Academy exists to train earnest young people to be men and women of character, active in service and leadership, taking the gospel to the world. Don’t you want to be a part of a school whose mission is to reveal to our students that Jesus is relevant and attractive, and through them demonstrate it to the world?

Now is the time to apply to attend Fountainview Academy for the 2015-2016 school year! We want you to be a part of our school family! If you, or a young person you know, would like to know more about attending Fountainview Academy, click here. You can find information on our website about our academic excellence, activities, career training, emphasis on spiritual growth, and admissions information and forms.

Apply today!


Alissa Dreher

Fountainview Academy Registrar/Office Manager