Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm guffawed as it rudely interrupted me from my deep slumber. Once again, I rose reluctantly from my warm bed. Great, I have to run—again, I sleepily complained to myself. For the first week of Fitness 150, this was what I thought to myself every morning. This was certainly going to be an adventure.

Fitness 150 was a program designed for students who desired to increase their fitness and strive for a goal of running 150 kilometres in 3 months. This goal, although very possible, took quite a bit of commitment to achieve. With such a busy schedule here at Fountainview, I had to prioritize my running. Almost every day, my friend Laurenz and I were out in the dark, persistently running sawmill loops (our standard 2K loop). We both found that as we kept up with this routine, not only our fitness, but our attentiveness and positivity increased throughout the day. Each morning brought a new opportunity, a new experience—a new memory. Overall, Fitness 150 was an incredible journey I will never forget. And, for an added bonus, those of us who completed the 150 kilometres received an awesome t-shirt to reward our hard work!

Grant S.

Grade 10