A breeze floated over the placid waters of Seaton Lake as Fountainview Academy took to the water. Our journey to long beach had begun. Boats crossed, people wake boarding behind them, and many canoed, rowing their water crafts beneath the beating sun. As the last canoes slid onto the rocky shore, tents began to pop up over the campground. Some began to swing, clinging to a rope, over the frigid water. Even in the cool water, boarders began to rise on top of the waves, pulled behind speed boats. Laughing, catching up from the summer, meeting new people, and singing filled the swarm of smiling faces that gathered on the stones to prepare to enter the Sabbath that Friday evening.

One day closed, and as it did, the heart of the weekend opened. Sabbath brought worshipers who meditated on God’s word and message, and we focused for our new year, learning how, by God’s grace, we can make this year a great year. As we thought about our challenge, we split for numerous activities planned for that afternoon. Many embarked on a hike, and drew the students together to push for a common goal. The beauty of the waterfall and the vistas highlighted the first Sabbath of our school year.
The day closed, and on Sunday we wrapped up the weekend in water sports and another devotional that morning. As the school buses rolled away that afternoon, not only had a campout ended, but Fountainview Academy became one.

Nicholas H.
Grade 10