Destination: Long Beach. The silence and serenity of Seton Lake enveloped everyone – anticipation was the most prominent feeling at the dock that soft, smoky morning. The speedboats had sped off, and so had the pontoon boat – it was now time for the barge to sail along the beautiful, deep blue waters of Canada. Students’ heads turned in every direction. Soaking up the sun, embracing the wind, enjoying the tremendous view, everyone’s eyes sparkled with wonder and awe.
As soon as the boats touched the tiny rocks of Long Beach’s shore, people immediately began to grab their packs and began to wander into the woods. Some set up their tents, others nestled their hammocks high among the trees. The camp was being set up, and the sound of speedboats swiftly skimming along the water traveled through the trees, signifying that the watersports had officially begun. Heads perked up, and people scurried to the dock to take part in the fun. From the heights people reached of flying off the blob or getting air whilst tubing, to the depths people achieved while waiting to get up from the wakeboard, or flipping off of the banana boat, First Campout was definitely a great time to remember.
Smiles, laughs, awkward handshakes, and hugs arose from the mixing of both new and returning students that weekend. Terrific activities, food, worship services, and fun all had their own special place that took part in First Campout. Sabbath was perfectly tranquil. Different groups had the option to canoe, nap, or hike to waterfalls or tunnels.
Various speakers lead the worship services, and for Sabbath evening worship, Mr. Dunbar spoke. His words traveled through the microphone, then out of the speakers, and bounced off of the mountains, creating a subtle, but noticeable echo. Noticing the echo, some of us looked up and around, and in that moment, it occurred to me how small we really are. To think that God created each and every one of us, and considering how small this world really is, to think that God cares about every single one of the 7.5 billion people on this planet is purely astounding. First Campout was filled solely with Jesus’ love showing through others. First Campout was a small taste of what the year would be filled with: spirituality, fun, and friendship. Fountainview Academy is, in a way, what I imagine Heaven will be like, and I hope we all meet there some day.
– Ashley S. Grade 12