When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was not amused, to say the least. Spending all day learning CPR type stuff sounded, well, not fun. Boy, was I wrong!

When the seniors got to class that day, our First Aid instructors split us into two groups. The group I was in went to the board room and the other group met downstairs in Mr. Rasmussen’s classroom. Then the instructors did what instructors do best, instruct!  At this point I was still not amused. I had an okay time learning book knowledge—that was just as ordinary as any old class day. What really set First Aid apart was when the scenarios started to happen…

“Help, I burnt myself with the shop blow torch!” One student raced in yelling. Some of the group knew what to do, they rushed in and applied what book knowledge they had acquired, and saved the day. Others, like myself, just froze there on the scene. Hey, we had a legitimate reason!  Well, that’s what I thought at least, until the instructors kept working through our insecurities. Now I can safely say, if I see a person in need, I will save their life! (Hopefully)

But seriously, I am so glad I was able to learn all of these life-long skills. I think that goes for the rest of my class too.

Christopher K.

Grade 12