Excitement and enthusiasm swept over me as I scanned the list of names posted on the bulletin board. First aid training was about to begin, and I was thrilled. As we filed into the classroom that beautiful morning, I noticed boxes of bandages and slings, piles of sanitized masks, stacks of first aid books, and an assortment of many other items lining the length of my teacher’s desk. After we had all found seats, and Mr. Rasmussen and Mrs. Lemon gave us all an overview of what we were going to cover in the two-day course, we jumped right into the training.

My teachers knew exactly how to teach the material to my rambunctious¬†class. They selected students to act out scenarios to teach us how to best respond in an emergency situation, as well as showed us helpful videos provided by the Canadian Red Cross. To top it all off, we teamed up into pairs to try it on our friends. That was the best part! Groans of mock agony filled the classroom when, all of a sudden, half my class somehow acquired a broken leg. Pandemonium reigned in the classroom as “moaning” victims and well-meaning responders-to-be attempted to shriek, squeal, and even just speak above the others in the same “quandary”.

By the methods our teachers used, I was able to grasp, understand, and thoroughly enjoy the training my class was so privileged to receive. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to better equip me to serve the Lord and my fellow man here at Fountainview and wherever else He leads me.

Lauren U.
Grade 12