Excited chatter resounded throughout the cafeteria. The driving force? A little piece of paper taped to the entry of the auditorium that read: 
Festival of Rejoicing this Saturday night. 
Come see me by Thursday evening if you dare (please do)! 

He’d done it again! Once again our beloved music director had successfully surprised us with a sure to be excitement filled weekend. Nick, Kayla, Eric, Joel K., Justin and I threw together a piece called, “Come to Jesus” by Chris Rice with vocals, piano, guitar, cello, and violin. We had three days. In spite of the hasty preparation, the impromptu practicing, the last minute changing of the lyrics, and other bumps in the road, we managed to pull it all together.

 Ring a ling ling” It was Saturday night, and we were all gathered in the auditorium. The stage was strangely empty for this special night. Mr. Luchak rang the bell for what was to be the first in many rings that night to initiate the tune, “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.” As little pieces of paper with the names of the groups and songs were drawn from a basket, expectation and the sweet swells of wonderful music filled the room. Once in a while, there was a surprise in store. “All staff of Fountainview Academy.” Soon the president, the deans, and all the staff came marching down the auditorium aisle singing Mine Eyes have Seen the Glory. We couldn’t contain our delight any longer. The auditorium was filled with laughter, joy, and praise to God. As we bowed our heads in prayer, we contemplated all the blessings that He gives us, and we thanked the Lord for His love. It certainly was a Festival of Rejoicing!

Caleigh Tsuchiya

Grade 11