Slowly the once-busy stage, always filled with orchestra seats, miscellaneous papers, instruments of different variety, and choir risers, was dismantled. The sign was erected and the piano stood solo on that vast, empty space; it was time for Festival of Rejoicing.

Each group is given three days to prepare their selection. Night after night the sound of harmonizing voices and instruments could be heard across campus. Finally, when Saturday night arrived, the school congregated in herds to listen to the rejoicing voices of the various brave students. Little did we know that this Festival of Rejoicing would be a little different: there was a secret surprise.

Randomly a group was announced and that group would then have the length of one song in order to prepare themselves and shake out the jitters (after all, it was being live-streamed). Then it happened! All eyes were glued on Mr. Luchak as he read the next act: “All married staff under the age of 25.” Turning all attention to the couples beginning to stand, we all wondered the same thing: “What are they going to do?” Together, they marched on the stage and sang as if they had known the whole time.

All throughout the night the little surprises continued: “All staff not married,” “Senior Class of 2014,” “The camera men.” One by one the groups survived and conquered the daunting task forced upon them. Closing the night, we united our voices together in the song “Rejoice in the Lord Always.” Truly it must have spread a smile on the face of each angel seeing God’s children singing and praising His mighty power and glorious victory. Rejoice in the Lord, ALWAYS!

Bailey M.

Grade 12




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