Silence dropped a shocked cloud over the entranced crowd, week of prayer had truly begun.

The Holy Spirit worked through our guest speaker, Pastor John Bradshaw, to share greater revelations of God’s character each day. The blessing we received, the way God revealed Himself to us, and the spiritual lessons we learned will stay with us for years to come. Pastor Bradshaw shared with us his conversion experience, which demonstrated to us the powerful way that God can work in people’s lives. He shared with us about King David, who, despite doing some terrible things in his life—even worse things than Saul, was later called a man after God’s own heart. Looking past all the bad things that David did, the one thing that separated David from Saul was that David repented and accepted God’s grace and mercy.

At the end of the week, we had communion. This was accompanied with a reminder of what communion truly is: A humble event mirroring Christ’s actions, all in remembrance of His enormous sacrifice. After this, we had an agape feast, where we enjoyed the fellowship of our fellow classmates and the community. In all, we felt God’s powerful presence working in our hearts.

Ultimately, Week of Prayer was an opportunity for us to grow closer to God. His power and blessings were bestowed on all of us. In the end, He revealed more of His image to us, and in turn transformed us to be more like Him.

Jake S.

Grade 10




Grant Piano


Stand Sing

Agape Feast