As Bonding Weekend came to a close, everyone on campus began to look forward to Week of Prayer that came rapidly upon us. Our scheduled speaker, Sebastian Braxton, was flying in from North Carolina but was unfortunately delayed by flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. Because of this, instead of our first meeting being on Monday morning, Mr. Braxton arrived just in time for Monday evening’s meeting.

Every morning and evening in our worships, we were inspired by Mr. Braxton’s call to stand on God’s promises. Among other things, we learned about how God’s reality isn’t the same as our reality and were encouraged to dream the dream God has for us.
One of the points that really spoke to my heart was the fact that Jesus is praying for me. Every time I come to Him with a void, breaking, or sorrow-stricken heart, He takes my prayer to the Father and intercedes to Him on my behalf. Whenever I feel down, I can look up, remembering that Someone is praying for me.

As the week progressed, a situation came up in my personal life that helped me to realize that I needed to depend upon Jesus for forgiveness and strength, and Mr. Braxton’s messages encouraged me greatly. As we sang our traditional Sabbath song on Friday night, “I Wanna Go to Heaven,” I thought about how pointless it is to continue focussing on the dim things of this earth rather than beholding the light of the glory of heaven, and how much more we should be yearning for heaven. I want to forget about earthly things and to “fix my eyes on another time,” as Mr. Braxton inspired us to do.

~ Rachel H., Grade 10