“Make sure to come in clothes that can get wet!” Mr. James enthusiastically proclaimed followed by a chorus of groans from many students. I could faintly hear a few whines of: “But I don’t want to get wet! Do we have to?” But nonetheless, when 4 o’clock came, you could see Fountinview students traipsing in through the grass to the center of the orchard, in all our board shorts and T-Shirt glory. It went off with a bang. Right away you could see a long line for the slacklining, with one student wobbling to and fro, arms flailing at a feeble attempt to stay on. If you were to keep exploring the orchard, you’d come across what looked like a jumble of ropes, which is also known as the spider web. It requires you to try and crawl as many people through without using the same hole twice. Oh and of course, the classic game of volleyball, which in my opinion is just a more intense childhood game of “don’t let the balloon touch the ground.” All the same, it was quite exciting.

After a delicious supper of getting-stuck-in-your-teeth corn, some pucker-up apple cider and pasta that made your taste buds do a tap dance in your mouth, we were ready for quite the endeavour! The time had come for the use of our “clothes that can get wet.” Can anyone say “Duct Tape and Cardboard”? The challenge was, well, quite the challenge. We had eight pieces of cardboard, two rolls of duct-tape, a marker and two paddles. With these scarce materials we had to make some sort of craft to take our whole team across the pond without getting wet. But alas, in the end, not getting wet wasn’t even an option. There was water everywhere, and if you weren’t wet from being in the water you soon would be. Before we knew what was happening, there seemed to be a downpour from above, the firetruck hose had been brought out and it was definitely doing its job. Laughs and screams could be heard from miles around, and in my head I gave a special thanks to God for the simple gift of having fun.

Kami M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Grade 11

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