The smells of rain and wind raced through the valley as we all headed to the orchard for Fall Picnic. Games awaited us everywhere we looked, and the tightrope brought much attention from the crowd as a few humble amateurs endeavored to cross from one side to the other. Anywhere one looked, you could see only one thing; the smiling faces of people having a wonderful time.

After two hours of fun, we hurriedly lined up at the dinner tables, eager to partake of the delicious food prepared. Soon the sights and sounds of laughter and conversation proclaimed that the cold of the afternoon could not break through the warmth of fellowship. People lining up for seconds announced that the cooks had done it again, providing absolutely delicious food.

When our stomachs were full, we all headed off for worship. The harmonic tunes of voices singing together could be heard up and down the valley as we all praised in song. Then Mr. Lemon, through words and demonstration, provided us with vital lessons for our walk with God.

Lastly, for our final activity of the evening, we paired off into groups for an all-campus scavenger hunt. All over campus the shrieks and shrills of laughter could be heard as the teams raced off to accomplish the different tasks.

Not only was Fall Picnic a time of fun and enjoyment. It was a growing experience for all as we developed our team playing abilities. Coming we were all asunder. Going, we were unified.

-David P. Grade 10