“No fall picnic?” Disappointment permeated the atmosphere as dark heavy rain clouds threatened to release their load over Fountainview. In defiance of the weather, it was decided to have the picnic inside. It still wouldn’t be a picnic exactly… Then, as the day progressed, a miraculous thing happened! The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and within a few hours the sky was blue! Joyfully and hurriedly the decoration team transformed the orchard into a colorful scene. When the appointed time came, the students began to arrive in the orchard to enjoy activities such as Giant Jenga, apples on a string, slacklines and many more. But the best was yet to come: The picnic itself! Bread bowls filled with delicious soup, and beautifully decorated pastries were waiting to be eaten. The picnic tables under the heavily loaded fruit trees welcomed us to socialize and laugh with friends beneath their branches. After an inspiring worship talk by Mr. Lemon, we eagerly awaited instructions as to the final and crowning activity of the evening. Gasps filled the air as we learned that we were to transform shapeless cardboard into boats and then sail them across the frigid pond without sinking. Quickly divided into teams, each group attempted to bend and twist their material into unsinkable masterpieces. The first group was ready to go! Cheering and clapping filled the air as the first Titanic departed from the shore. Everyone had to bring their whole group across the pond, preferably as dry as possible. Wasn’t that tricky enough? Apparently not! An extra challenge was awaiting us in the middle of the pond. Buttered watermelons were thrown into the water to be picked up and dragged into the boat by the sailors. That was almost impossible to accomplish without tipping over! A lucky few made it, but most poor souls landed in the freezing water while struggling to push their boat to the other side. As night fell over the pond, you could hear the croaking of toads as they voiced their comments on what turned out to be a most unforgettable fall picnic.

Corinna R.
Grade 11