Wasps bobbed in and out of pears that, too ripe to remain on the trees, had sunk into the soft grass. Their droning set the backdrop, on top of that, laughter, warm apple cider, the crashing of Jenga blocks, pumpkin pies, and happy feet padding on the earth—it was fall picnic.

Decorations were strung from tree branches and intertwined with lights. Volleyballs sailed through the air. Left, right, and centre were a multitude of unique brain twisting and delightful games that anyone and everyone could take part in. For the inquisitive there were life size puzzles. For the active there was ladder golf. For the rest of us there was, well… food. Mouthwatering pies, delicious quiches and an assortment of food was appreciated by all.

It was a blessed afternoon and closer to the evening as the sun receded behind the mountains, everyone settled in for Mr. Lemon’s worship. Gathered together in a semicircle, we sang, prayed and listened to the message.

Night approached and as day slowly ebbed away into darkness, and the sounds of laughter into eternal silence, one verse came to mind.

Phillipians 4:4

“Rejoice in the Lord alway:and again I say, Rejoice.”


Atieno M.

Grade 12