Spring came in singing, Summer entered smiling, and Autumn kicked down the door! That’s right, it’s Fall Picnic at Fountainview Academy. After the first week of classes of the 2014-2015 year, all of the students got a chance to kick back, relax, and eat a delicious — emphasis on delicious — fall-themed meal.

The festivities started with lots of fun, games, and chatting with friends. There were games of giant Jenga® constructed with two by fours cut into 11½ inch lengths. The trees were filled with alluring displays of hanging apples, designed to entice picnic goers into attempting to eat them. Cries of both frustration and rejoicing could be heard from those playing both the horseshoe golf and beanbag-toss games. The clang of the dinner bell finally rang out over the din of the crowd and those in attendance quickly fell into line. The staff, students, and visitors all got to partake in cilantro pesto with bread along with kale salad, apple pie, and apple cider to wash it all down.

After everyone had their fill, the evening was closed with an inspiring talk on the subject of intercessory prayer by Mr. Mike Lemon. Everyone left blessed and with a song in their heart, well, everyone but those who had to clean the kitchen that is. What a grand way to start the year!

~ Joel P, Grade 10


I stood and looked around the cafeteria as apple pie after apple pie came out of the oven. They smelled heavenly! More delicious food lay around; my mouth began to water! “Is this for fall picnic?” I asked, “It looks amazing and smells even better!”

Finally the time came and we set out for the orchard where we have Fall Picnic, tucked away under the apple and pear trees. Small groups of students and staff stood about enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the time to catch up with friends and make new ones.

Among the trees there were games to play or challenges to take. Have you ever eaten an apple while it is hanging from a tree or tried to walk a tight rope? Well many students soon discovered their hidden talents as they actually managed to take a bite out of the suspended apples or fling a small bag of beans into a hole a certain distance away in the legume launch.

At last the time we had all been waiting for came and supper was announced! After prayer we all joined the line and while we waited the clothes pin game began in ernest. The goal being to pinch a clothes pin on someone else’s clothing with out being caught and keep a sharp eye out behind yourself. With full plates we all spread out in small groups under the canopy of leaves to enjoy the delicious fare.

After a wonderful picnic we finished off with a devotional thought by Mike Lemon. He encouraged us to pray for those around and showed how God can do so much more for people when someone is praying for them. It really made me think.

~ Gillian J, Grade 12