Jack and Jill hissed to a stop. As the wheels ground to a halt, the doors popped open and the overexcited students burst out breaking into a run and were gone. Where? Where had they gone in so much excitement? What could it be? A thin sheet of slick, slippery substance that we enjoy so much. Ice! But why ice? Because we are going Ice Skating! This is what caused all that excitement.
Inside the crowded room, people who had already gotten their skates hurriedly put them on, while other students waited anxiously in line hoping that their size would still be available. Those with their own skates definitely had an advantage. Despite the close quarters, there was customarily no one upset and everyone was very good natured.

Once on the ice, I joined my friends going around in circles. It was such a happy time just before Cali Tour and Christmas! Expectation filled the air with intensity and then— Jingle Bells peeled over the loud speaker adding to the excitement and festivity. Pretty soon everyone one was singing. The chorus was occasionally punctuated with, “Hey you! Don’t take my hat.” Depending on the ability of the victim a hot chase would ensue or the hatless person would go and find a good skater and petition them to find and return their hat, bringing justice to the hat thief. Oh what fun it is to skate with all my friends from school!

Elisabeth V.
Grade 11