It had been a weary week, as many students balanced homework and ACT studies. With the weekend in sight, everyone was looking forward to Sabbath. Yet this Sabbath wasn’t going to be a normal Fountainview Sabbath.


As soon as the student’s “Amen” had slid into the past, the dean on duty looked up with a sly grin playing across her face. It was time for announcements! Taking in a deep breath the dean began to reel of all the information she had for us. Then, with a dramatic pause, she revealed the secret to her sly grin: it was Festival of Rejoicing this Sabbath. Without hesitation girls began to chatter amongst themselves; new girl’s confused, experienced girls groaning as they realized the significance of the dean’s last utterance. We had only two days to procure songs, stories, or poems.


As the sun slipped from sight, songs of rejoicing could be heard floating upward. Despite the frenzy of the last two days, and the impending shadow of the ACT, everyone was blissfully listening to the beautiful harmonies and stories that were being shared. It was a time to come together to share our love of our Heavenly Father through praise and inspiring writings. There were moments of laughter, as unsuspecting individuals were called upon, and moments of deep contemplation. As the final “Amen” faded into silence, we were left with a question to ponder: How will we end each day?

Ring a ling ling “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice” Philippians 4:4

Josi Schmidt
Grade 12