My alarm blared until my sleepy eyes opened and glanced at the clock. The neon numbers pierced the early morning darkness: 4am. I crawled out of bed to turn off the alarm, wondering why I was being jolted awake so early on a Saturday morning. Then I remembered – we had a concert!

I stumbled down the Whistling Winds path to the bus that awaited at the girl’s dorm. All the girls were still sleepy as we sat on the bus and slowly pulled away to Abbotsford in the grey of dawn. Meghan leaned her head on my shoulder and like most of the other girls, fell back asleep.

Three hours later, we were approaching the concert venue: Abbotsford Seventh-day Adventist Church. Anticipation and excitement grew as we realized we were about to perform our first concert of the year. A frenzy erupted in the bus. Shoes, tops, and skirts flew everywhere as we pulled our concert uniform on and did our best to get ready.

Finally, we arrived at the church and unloaded as quickly as possible. I followed a swarm of girls into the basement of the church to do warmups. “Ok ladies,” James bellowed, “Hold your jaw and sing yo-oh.” We all complied, slowly working the night’s sleepiness from our voices. “Now basses. Sing yo-oh!” James continued warming up the whole choir until we were ready to perform..

I had chills going up my spine as we lined up to walk on stage. In the last few moments, each line of students prayed in two’s, asking God’s blessing on our concert. The time came. I followed Heidi down the aisle and onto the choir risers.

After Adrianne and Nik welcomed the audience and introduced our concert as “The Story of the Lamb”, we opened  with the old favourite: “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb”. Working through each instrument and each voice, God used us to give a clear message of Jesus’ sacrifice. Our last song was about God’s amazing grace and our eternal hope in glory.

After the concert, I left the stage, excited and proud, knowing that we had done our best, and God had blessed. As we mingled with the visitors, a number of church members thanked us for the blessing of our music. An elderly gentleman approached me and told me that this was his first time coming to church. He said that our message impacted him so much that he wanted to know Jesus more. I love concerts because I get to use my talents for God and encourage other people while doing something I love.


– Miranda D., Grade 12