Here we are at the midway point of the school year, and lots of things are happening!  First semester courses are ending, and second semester courses begin.  Each grade level is experiencing changes to their class schedule, with successes to look back on and new challenges to pick up.

The sophomores have finished Math 10 and checked their first of five provincial exams off their list.  They also bolstered their reading and writing skills in English 10.  Additionally, they have passed through a Fountainview rite of passage, learning more about God’s plan for healthy living in the “18 Days of Health and Fitness”.  Now they begin the explorations of Science 10, looking ahead to a provincial exam in June, and the study of Canadian history in Social Studies 10.

Juniors have spent first semester learning to share God’s thoughts through their own experiences by writing the devotional book in English 11.  They’ve also learned more about Canada and the world in Social Studies 11, and completed a provincial exam in that course.  Now they embark on a semester of exercising their brains in Math 11, and delving into the wonders and intricacies of God’s creation in Chemistry.

In the first semester, some of the seniors have been learning how things work in Physics, while others have been seeing how our bodies work in Biology 12.  And together, all of them have experienced another Fountainview rite of passage – Senior Survival – along with First Aid/CPR training and more in Health 12.  Now some of them will move into Pre-Calculus, while others take on the challenge of Calculus.  And all of them will stretch their communication skills and prepare for their last and largest provincial exam in English 12, alongside getting to know themselves in a deeper way while completing the infamous “Identity” paper.

We have much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to!

Baird Corrigan