The sun glistened on the sparkling water as we canoed along Seton Lake. The rhythm of our oars slicing into the water brought us closer and closer to the place where we would be filming that day. It was a hot spring day, perfect for filming the discussions for the Summer DVD in the God so Loved the World production that Fountainview is working on. I was excited. Not only did we get a day off school to work on this production, but it was also a perfect day to be in the great outdoors.

Upon reaching our destination, the filming crew set up and we got right to work, only stopping for a short lunch break. The flies annoyed us, the bees stung us, and the butterflies intrigued us—still we kept on. We managed to shoot many scenes in one take and the work was progressing quickly with only a few technical difficulties. It was fun to listen to my friends tell about their experiences and what they had learned from them, for the filmings. My favorite stories were ones of Julie driving her mom’s van; Renae going to court; and, of course, Christian falling asleep in class. As the day wore on, our skin became darker, our cheeks a bit more rosy than before, and our eyes a bit more droopy. We were getting tired, but we were almost done. Words of encouragement were spoken to friends who were nervous or had trouble remembering their lines. After the closing prayer in the last scene was finally over, we joined our voices singing “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.” The beautiful harmonies echoing on the mountains surrounding us were almost angelic, but the day wasn’t over yet. We canoed back over the now slightly choppy waters, with the exception of my skilled hall mate who water-skied back in her filming skirt! We arrived back at school just in time for an amazing meal of rice, curry, and ice cream as a special treat. It was the perfect ending to a day we will always remember.

Raene B.
Grade 12

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