Classical Concert

Spring 2016

“Can-can, can you do the Can-can?” Sang my best friend Grant as we walked.

“You seem to be singing that an awful lot,” I commented.

“Yep, I’m conducting it for Classical Concert!”

Indeed, a week later Grant stood on the conductor’s box and conducted Jacques Offenbach’s Can-can. This of course was only one small part of the musical journey that we students put together for our concert. We had a cello quartet, a beautiful flute concerto, pieces for two pianos, and many other performances. One of my favorites was Fritz Kreisler’s Preludium and Allegro for violin. Caleigh T. executed it flawlessly and it was incredible. Near the end, Justin W. conducted Mozart’s Symphony No. 36 (2nd Movement), and finally the concert wrapped in a rousing performance of the Can-can. After a hearty applause, an encore was called; this was the most surprising bit of our concert.

“Mary had a Little Lamb” quietly began to play. Slowly the song grew to fill the whole auditorium with the most grandiose arrangement of a nursery rhyme that you will ever hear. If you’d like to watch the whole thing, you can find it towards the end of the video below, at “1:31:09”.

Classical concert was a really fun and beautiful night of many surprising musical talents.

Jake S.
Grade 11