This past month, we started the holiday season with a loud trump in our concert tour “The Saviour is Born.” Students and supporting staff were on the road to Lytton, Lillooet, Vernon, Edmonton, and finally Abbotsford. God truly blessed and gave us all experiences where we were able to personally share Him with others.

After playing during our first concert, I went outside of the auditorium to talk with people. While I walked, I prayed that God would lead me to someone. He led me to a number of people, and I said a prayer with each of them.

Then I walked into the auditorium and saw a man seated there. I made eye contact with him, we started talking. I asked him if he was going to come for the 6 o’clock concert also, and he said, “No, I have to sign some break-up papers with my wife.” I was a bit uncertain about how to respond to his comment, but we kept on talking as though everything was fine.

Then a lady came and sat next to him, and he introduced her to me: “This is my daughter.” I greeted her, and we kept on talking.

A little later, another lady, about the same age as this man, came and stood next to me. The daughter scooted over to make room for her, but the lady said, “No, I’m fine standing.” I sensed that this lady who was standing by me was the man’s wife.

We started talking more about Fountainview Academy; then we changed the topic. This man told me about his past (when he would take vacations to go fishing in Alaska), and the lady standing by me knew a lot about him and she would say things like “and we did this together” when she was talking about this man’s past. By this time, I knew for sure that this had to be his wife.

Then we heard the announcement: “Three minutes for orchestra to be on stage.”

The man said, “You should go.”

I started to walk away, but I stopped, went back, and asked him if I could pray with him.

He said, “Yes.”

Once I finished praying, he burst into tears and was thanking me. If you could see his face… I thought to myself: “It is amazing how prayer is so powerful.”

While I was playing on stage, I saw him and his wife sitting next to each other—really close.

What I learned is that God can use us to change other people’s lives, because I know He used me that time.

After the 6 o’clock concert, I again walked around to talk with people, and again I prayed. After a while I came to these two ladies. One of them told me how she had seen advertising for the concert and she had really wanted to come, but she couldn’t because she didn’t have transportation. She was telling me that if it weren’t for her friend here, she wouldn’t have made it.

Then the other lady told me about how a week before she felt impressed to come to the concert in Edmonton. When she decided to come, she invited the lady who didn’t have transportation.

As we spoke, the lady who had received the ride began to realize just how good God was to her. She was just struck with amazement that God would work a miracle just for her.

Then I prayed with them, and this experience showed me that there are people out there who want to come to our concerts, and God is able to work miracles to get them there—even if it means convincing their friends to take them there.

Jovinian B.
Grade 10


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