Several students and staff spent this past weekend on the shores of Carol Lake. The lake is approximately a 1.5 hour drive from campus and is adjacent to Carpenter Lake, a large hydroelectric reservoir in the Bridge River Valley.

“With a cast-iron skillet in one hand and a homemade pancake flipper (thanks Derek!) in the other, I attempted to master the elusive art of making pancakes over a fire. They turned out fine, I just couldn’t manage to keep the pancakes inside the skillet for the duration of the process. This is where one puts to use the “30-second” rule, an essential element of culinary success in the woods. In addition to trying my hand at pancakes and eating other questionable but tasty concoctions, I was forced to watch others far more gifted in the realm of cooking prepare gourmet dishes which far outweigh typical cafeteria food (I might add that Fountainview cafeteria food is already atypically good.). Despite my lack of cooking ability, I enjoyed canoeing on the lake and recharging after a hard-core week of school. Would I do it again? Sure. Just don’t ask me to make pancakes.”

Christian W.
Grade 12