Career & Technical Development

Building Character through everyday tasks.

Career and Technical Development. A slightly more sophisticated title for what people typically call work. Why do we place such a high emphasis on it; with students spending half of their jam-packed day executing physical labour? Why do we believe it is vitally important that our youth learn what work really means?

The explanation can be found in Patriarchs and Prophets where it says: “Every student should devote a portion of each day to active labour. Thus, habits of industry would be formed and a spirit of self-reliance encouraged, while the youth would be shielded from many evil and degrading practices that are so often the result of idleness. And this is all in keeping with the primary object of education, for in encouraging activity, diligence, and purity we are coming into harmony with the Creator.” {PP 601.3}

God’s Word says: “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much” {Luke 16:10 KJV}. When we learn to cheerfully perform the most menial, seemingly insignificant tasks, whether it be drying dishes in the cafeteria, pulling weeds in the carrot fields, or scrubbing showers in the dorm, our characters are moulded and shaped into ones that are more than ready to readily perform any task God entrusts us with.