Career Training

“And now, as in the days of Israel, every youth should be instructed in the duties of practical life. Each should acquire a knowledge of some branch of manual labor by which, if need be, he may obtain a livelihood. This is essential, not only as a safeguard against the vicissitudes of life, but from its bearing upon physical, mental, and moral development. Even if it were certain that one would never need to resort to manual labor for his support, still he should be taught to work.”

Patriarchs and Prophets, pg. 601

During my time here at Fountainview, I have had the amazing opportunity to work Campus. I have been taught lifelong skills in taking care of lawns, gardens, trees, and Irrigation. My supervisor, Mr. Luchak, has taught me the importance of doing a job efficiently and thoroughly. From driving tractors and trucks to mowing and trimming lawns and gardens, every day has brought new challenges and surprises for me to increase my working abilities. More importantly, Mr. Luchak has taught me the true importance of love and care for God’s creation. “Physical labour that is combined with mental taxation for usefulness, is a discipline in practical life, sweetened always by the reflection that it is qualifying and educating the mind and body better to perform the work God designs men shall do in various lines.” (Fundamentals of Christian Education pg. 229)

Jacob H.

Class of 2018

The whir of the giant ovens set the background noise for the cheerful cacophony of clattering pots and pans. The steamy air carries the scent of fresh bread and bubbling soup, while busy workers rush back and forth to finish the delicious meal. Working in the cafeteria has been a great blessing to me. I have learned so many things there such as thoroughness, tidiness, punctuality, concentration, and interpersonal skills. Most important of all, I (as well as all the other cafe workers) have learned how to cook and prepare healthy and nutritious meals. The patience, dedication and love that our cafeteria supervisors show towards the students make the environment seem like a family. I am really thankful for all the things I have been able to learn while working in the cafeteria and I know I will continue to use these skills for the rest of my life.

Corinna R.

Class of 2018

Working on Farm is always a learning and growing experience. From driving tractors to harvesting carrots, I’ve learned that value of hard work and about the things that you can accomplish through it. God designed us to be stewards of the earth. Through working on the farm, God has shown me what a joy it can be to work outside and see the results of my labour. The best thing about farm is that it’s practical. Many people like to have gardens and grow their own fruit and vegetables, and with the tools that I have learned, I can do just that. The Lord says that “Whatever your hand findeth to do, do it with all your might”. If we follow this instruction he will bless tremendously not only in our lives but also in agriculture.

Marcus D.

Class of 2017

Ring! Ring! “Hello, this is Fountainview Academy. Grace speaking, how may I help you?” At the sound of the phone I immediately pick up and attend to the person on the other end of the line. The training I’ve received at the Front Desk has allowed me to develop more confidence in answering phone calls and managing sales. I’ve also been able to enhance my typing and organization skills. My job is a combination of communication and concern for detail. It has been a privilege for me to be able to give a good impression of Fountainview Academy over the phone and the enhancement of my interest for detail has helped me to consider closely the small aspects in my work environment.

Grace S.

Class of 2018

One of the aspects of Fountainview Academy that first caught my attention was the work program. Every student gets the opportunity to work, whether in the cafeteria, on the farm, or in the office. For me, working in the music office has been a great experience and I’ve definitely grown through the experience. I perform many different secretarial duties, such as answering phones, filing and printing music, contacting people in regard to music lessons, and keeping the office and stage tidy. These various tasks have taught me the importance of efficiency and organization, and given me hands-on experience with being a secretary. The skills I learn here will stay with me as I go on to college and eventually into the workplace.

Madison M.

Class of 2018

If you like baking, chopping, or just cooking in general, then the cafeteria is the place for you. As we learn more everyday about making tasty, healthy vegan food, the cafeteria is always full of surprises and creativity. Unfortunately, I ended up there for the opposite reason: learning how to enjoy cooking. In past years, I never enjoyed cooking. With chores to be done outside, animals to feed, and my sister and mom fully capable in the kitchen, I was determined to never be a cook. The only thing I really did in the kitchen was wash dishes. Then I came here to Fountainview where my ignorance would be tested. I remember specifically checking the work list on the first day of school. “CAFÉ!” I exclaimed. The words literally jumped at me like a jaguar leaping in for a kill. Slowly, I trudged into the café. To my surprise, all the students and staff welcomed me warmly. Not only did I do the dishes with fast, happy workers, but was given a recipe to make. Even though I had little to no experience with making food, my classmates and the cooks supported me with their friendly words of encouragement. No matter how many times I flooded them with questions, they never tired of responding in a cheerful tone. Now I actually somewhat enjoy the cafeteria and the surprises it offers.


Class of 2018